Vertemati Racing, contrary to its modest size, has a great and long history spiced with success and worldwide recognition. Guido & Alvaro took their first steps into the world of off-road motorcycles taking up, from an early age, the activity of riders. Started almost as a joke, their careers would have soon become a professional ones with various attendances and successes in international competitions and championships.Their first activity in motorcycle sector was born exactly on these fields after years of presence , buying out the import of the Swedish Husqvarna with the exclusivity for Italy in the early of eighties. Nevertheless the racing world was never left, indeed the two brothers stayed in their habitat this time as technical directors of Husky Italia team driving it to important European and Worldwide titles: the outstanding one,the first triumph of the Swedish factory at the 'International six days Enduro'.

Left the Husqvarna, the Vertematis didn't let the opportunity get away with the newborn Husaberg, becoming immediately close collaborators in the development as well as importers for Italy. Once again as technical directors, the two brothers led the nonconformist Husaberg to the top of the European & Worldwide Enduro & Cross championship rankings .

They were the firsts to trust in the potentiality of 4 stroke, in a still entirely 2 stroke off-road world. So, left the Swedish company, Vertematis decided to build their own bike almost for a dare, driven by the will to give continuity to their winning path but with an own product.

Therefore the first 4 stroke Enduro bike totally designed & manufactured in Triuggio was born at the half of nineties. This product summarized very well all the passion and the technical knowledges of the brothers gained attending the world of competition first as riders and then as managers. The bike rode by the Belgian Joel Smets let the Vertematis improve their collection of international trophies. The choice of trust in 4 stroke engine led also some important factories like Honda and Yamaha to leave the the way of 2 stroke triggering a real epochal change.

Thanks to good results, Bimota commissioned Vertemati to develop a new project regarding Enduro/Cross & Supermotard bikes. So Vor ( acronym of Vertemati off-road) factory was born. Due to the big fame gained by Vor and their futuristic ideas, the Vertematis realized a new bike with a super power & refined engine. Therefore Vertemati Moto saw the light reaching the worldwide market with Enduro, Cross & Supermotard models, full of feautures like a pronounced aggresive behaviour and the best accessories purchasable on the market.

Once again their bravery and brilliance made them stand out from the crowd, achieving the second place at World Supermotard Championship in 2002 and the third place the next year: being able to compete at the same level of factories like Honda and overcome others like KTM and Yamaha.